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Email your Legislators

Encourage your local legislators to vote YES on SF0089, The Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids Act.

Find and email your Legislators:

Below you will find the names of your local Legislators and a fillable email to send each legislator that will encourage them to vote YES on SF0089.  First, Copy the below fillable letter, then, find your County (listed alphabetically), Click on each Legislator's name and you will be navigated to your email where you will paste the below fillable letter and fill it out where directed. We appreciate your assistance in this effort. It is the first step in making Wyoming a more accessible place to live.

Dear Senator (or Representative) [last name]: 


As your constituent, I urge your support for the passage of SF0089, a bill introduced by Senator Furphy, requiring health and disability insurance plans to cover hearing aids and hearing aid professional Services. This would largely benefit the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community of Wyoming which consists of 45,000+ residents(1). The global cost of unaddressed hearing loss reaches nearly $790 Billion dollars(2). If the legislature agrees to require health insurance companies to pay for hearing aids this will save taxpayer money in the long term. Hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression. Hearing Aids can help one to: hear better in situations that are important;  allow full participation with family, friends, and co-workers once again, and to stay connected, and even reduce unemployment among the deaf and hard of hearing population thereby reducing government spending on unemployment insurance. SF0089 represents the commitment of the state to improve the quality of life of its Deaf and hard-of-hearing constituents.  Vote YES on SF0089. Please advise me of the actions you intend to take with respect to this bill.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

(your name here)



  1. “Disability & Health U.S. State Profile Data: Wyoming.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 May 2022,


  1. “Global Costs of Unaddressed Hearing Loss and Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions: A WHO Report, 2017.” World Health Organization, World Health Organization, 1 Jan. 1970,

Albany County

Senators: Dan Furphy and Chris Rothfuss - Representatives: Ocean Andrew, Ken Chestek, Karlee Provenza, and Trey Sherwood

Big Horn County

Senators: Ed Cooper and Dan Laursen - Representatives: Dalton Banks, Martha Lawley, and John Winter

Carbon County

Senator: Larry Hicks - Representatives: Donald Burkhart Jr, Forrest Chadwick, and Bob Davis

Converse County

Senator: Brian Boner - Representative: Tomi Strock

Crook County

Senator: Ogden Driskill - Representative: Chip Neiman

Fremont County

Goshen County

Senator: Cheri Steinmetz - Representatives: Allen Slagle, and Scott Smith

Hot Springs County

Senator: Ed Cooper - Representative: John Winter

Johnson County

Senator: Dave Kinskey - Representative: Barry Crago

Lincoln County

Niobrara County

Senator: Cheri Steinmentz - Representative: Allen Slagle

Platte County

Senator: Anthony Bouchard - Representative: Jeremy Haroldson

Sheridan County

Sublette County

Senator: Fred Baldwin - Representative: Albert Sommers

Teton County

Senators: Dan Dockstader, and Mike Gierau - Representatives: Andrew Byron, Liz Sorter, and Mike Yin

Uinta County

Senators: Fred Baldwin, and Wendy Schuler - Representatives: Ryan Berger, Jon Conrad, and Scott Heiner

Washakie County

Senator: Ed Cooper - Representative: Martha Lawley

Weston County

Senators: Ogden Driskill, and Cheri Steinmetz - Representatives: Chip Neiman, and Allen Slagle

If you would like to email your district's Legislators. Click Here

Our Letter to the Legislature:

Letter from DeafIS to Wyoming Legislators

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