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Want Your Deaf Child To Thrive? 

Actor Troy Kotsur Has Some Advice! Here are the Top 5 things to know about raising a deaf child, according to Troy Kotsur. Click below to watch!

Language Deprivation by Wyatte Hall

Watch this video to view Dr, Hall's general description of language deprivation. This includes a discussion of brain development and the “critical period of language acquisition." He describes the current context of deaf children in terms of several different aspects of their development.

Why Sign Language Was Banned in America

Sign Languages are just as linguistically valid and vibrant as spoken languages, and are beneficial to learn for Deaf and hearing people. So why for decades was it illegal to teach them in American schools? Watch this video to learn more.

ABC News Interviews Daniel Durant

Daniel Durant, the deaf actor who was part of the Best Picture-winning drama "CODA," talks about making the final eight in "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC News.

Deaf Climber

In an effort to make the outdoor and rock climbing industry more inclusive, Deaf climber Sonya Wilson shares her testimony in overcoming barriers and gaining acceptance while hosting climbing retreats with both hearing and Deaf outdoor enthusiasts. Through the trials and traumas of her childhood, Wilson has become elevated — adopting the belief that being Deaf is a gift that does not make you less than.

Learn More Here

Watch Sonya's Video on Rock Climbing Communication Strategies here.

Rocky Mountain Deaf Film Festival

The RMDFF committee is proud to announce the first film festival for the deaf community of the rocky mountains. Watch this video to learn more or contact the committee at;

What is Language Deprivation?

Watch this video to learn how a lack of early language input impacts a deaf or hard-of-hearing child.

TILL DEAF DO US PART: First African film in sign language

Watch this video to view the official trailer for Africa's first Deaf Film, A beautiful romantic thriller comedy movie, Till Deaf Do Us Part.

Relay Access while Incarcerated

November 3rd, 2022 ~ The FCC recently announced it has adopted a rule to require most correctional facilities in the U.S. to provide deaf people who are incarcerated with access to video relay ASL interpreters or other relay services. Click here to read more or watch the video to the left.

"Climbing to the top of Full Language Access"

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf has released a video discussing Deaf Intervention Services Involvement at the recent International Climbers Festival in Lander, Wyoming, and what steps we are taking together to make the festival accessible for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing climbers that attend each year.

Congratulations Troy

The Deaf Intervention Services Team extends a congratulations to Troy Kotsur for his recent success and winnings for the movie 'Coda'

Sesame Street: Celebrate Diversity with Troy Kotsur

Diversity is all about understanding and appreciating our differences. Troy Kotsur, Rosita, and The Count are celebrating the different things that make them who they are, like how they look, where they are from, their language, and more! They also have something in common: being friends!

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