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Questions & Answers


"What makes you so different from the other agencies in the state? "- Casper, Wyoming.



Our organization primarily provides sign language interpreter services throughout the state of Wyoming.  We charge for these services.

We provide free advocacy services to the Deaf and hard of hearing.  We receive no donations.  We budget our agency funds and members of our team volunteer for advocacy and other events when we cannot pay to provide free support. We are the only Interpreting Agency within Wyoming with a full service network, integrated interpreter scheduling software, and when Wyoming interpreters are not available we source thousands of certified Interpreters from other states and bring them into Wyoming. 

When systems in Wyoming say, "sorry, no one here is available," we bring in others who are available. 



"Do you focus mainly on adults or are you offering service for school- aged children as well?" -Casper, Wyoming



Deaf Intervention Services strives to support the Deaf community, from birth to adulthood, through advocacy, access to interpreting services, and community awareness that supports the integration of Deaf citizens into all aspects of their community.



From where does DeafIS receive their funding?  -Casper, Wyoming 



DeafIS is an as-of-yet privately, veteran-owned business. Funding is generated by establishing contracts for service with businesses, agencies, school districts, and private groups.

Invoices for services are sent accordingly. The money paid through invoices are usually paid from the requesting agency's fund for services, staff, professional services or other accounts. 

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