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Brain Study Recruitment flyer

The study is for children aged 10 to 16

years old. The coordinator said, “Our goal

is to recruit 200 children who are D/deaf

or hard of hearing. Participating families

will receive compensation and travel accommodations including $30 for a video interview to determine eligibility, hotel stay,

meal coverage, ground transportation, and $10/half hour of participation. To be included

in the study, children cannot have any metal

in their body (braces, implants, etc.), cannot be left-handed or claustrophobic, cannot have a history of premature birth, cannot have an uncorrected visual impairment, psychiatric disorders, or neurological disease.” I have attached the recruitment flyer that you can

share with families or share with others to

share with families. 

Hivemind Market Research is looking for parents of children who are affected by hearing conditions. The purpose of this study is to help develop better tech resources. Hivemind has a new study about it that is available regarding this topic! 
This is a 45 minute online interview where you will share your thoughts about the topic. Interviews will happen the last week of March through May and will be scheduled at a convenient time for you.
As a token of appreciation for taking part in this study, Hivemind will be issuing an electronic gift card in the amount of $75 for your time and contributions. 
If this is something you are interested in, click the survey link to start! 

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