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American Sign Language Resources

Read with ASL


Read with ASL YouTube videos are descriptive, providing language exposure. The ASL presenters describe scenes, showing places, people, animals, actions, and events. This helps people naturally “pick up” ASL grammar features such as using classifier hand shapes and skills like setting up referents in space to show what, where, and how things move, and using body and gaze shifting. Click below to learn more.

ASL Fingerspelling Receptive Practice


The fingerspelling practice website was developed to encourage ASL students to practice their fingerspelling receptive skills. Click below to view.



ASL-LEX is a database of lexical and phonological properties of American Sign Language signs. Click below to learn more.

Prosody and Syntax in Sign Languages


View this publication by Wendy Sandler on Prosody and Syntax in Sign Languages.



MyASLTech is a unique suite of assistive technology tools that enable users to efficiently create and archive ASL-supported educational materials and quizzes, support text with sign graphics and video in real-time, play games and view stories that reinforce ASL and English literacy, and more!

DeafTEC STEM Dictionary


RIT in collaboration with DeafTEC has created a STEM Sign Video Dictionary to assist in the STEM education of Deaf and hard-of-hearing youth. Click below to learn more.

ASL Spring


A subscription-based American Sign Language Learning Program. "Think Netflix, but for learning ASL. Depending on your subscription, you will gain access to content that will teach you American Sign Language, taught by Deaf teachers."


ASLU is an online American Sign Language curriculum resource center. ASLU provides many free self-study materials, lessons, and information as well as formal tuition-based courses. Click below to view their website.



HandSpeak provides a variety of ASL resources such as an ASL dictionary, tutorials, storytelling, and more! Click below to view.

ASL Syntax


Click below for an explanation of ASL Syntax by SigningSavvy.

Morphology - Asl linguistics


Click below to learn about Morphology in ASL.



ASL DEAFined is a subscription-based website for American Sign Language (ASL) video lessons.

Signing Savvy


Signing Savvy is a sign language dictionary containing several thousand high-resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, finger-spelled words, and other common signs used within the United States and Canada. Click below to view.

ASL Nook

An online hub of videos where a Deaf family teaches ASL in a casual, fun way to put people at ease in learning the natural language of the Deaf. Click below to learn more.



Search and compare thousands of words and phrases in ASL. Sign ASL has a vast collection of over 40,000 videos. Click below to view.

ASL Prosody


Click below to view HandSpeak's take on ASL Prosody, the study of rhythmic structure, intonation, stress, and related attributes in conjunction with syntax in speech and signing.



SignSchool is a fun and free resource for learning ASL at your own pace. Click below to learn more.

Signing Math & Science


Click below to view a program meant to help Deaf and hard-of-hearing children understand STEM learning through illustrated, interactive 3D standards-based signing dictionaries.

Spread the Sign


A searchable collection of signs from different sign languages around the world including over 500,000 signs. Click below to view.

We have compiled an extensive list of ASL Education resources meant for anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of American Sign Language. 

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